Handgun Control Inc.

"Don't Belong"
30 sec. TV spot run  starting Sept. 6, 2000.  HCI reported spending $1.4 million, a record amount for the group, to run this ad.

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Male Announcer: George Bush says if you want to know what he'll do as president take a look at his record.

Female Announcer: As governor of Texas, Bush signed the law that allows carrying concealed handguns for the first time in 125 years.

Male Announcer: And he signed the law that allows carrying those concealed handguns in churches, nursing homes, even amusement parks.

Female Announcer: No wonder the NRA says:

Video Clip of NRA First VP Kayne Robinson: "...We will have a president where we work out of their office..."

Female Announcer: Say no to the gun lobby.

Male Announcer: Tell George Bush handguns don't belong in our nursing homes and churches.


Background: This ad is a slightly revised version of the ad HCI ran in the lead up to the Mother's Day May 14 Million Mom March.  The only difference is in the ending.  The last two lines of the audio track and the closing image are different.  In the initial version, the ad closes with a picture of the White House while a female announcer says, "Tell Governor Bush the White House is our house," and a male announcer concludes, "And it shouldn't belong to the NRA."

The ad uses the words of  NRA First Vice President Kayne Robinson, who is also Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, to damaging effect.  The clip was from an off-the-record but recorded activist meeting held in California on Feb. 16 and 17, 2000.  Robinson stated, "If we win we'll have a president, with at least one of the people that's running, a president where we work out of their office -- unbelievably friendly relations."  In addition to the ad, Handgun Control Inc. launched a website www.bushandguns.com