Iowa State Education Association

60 sec. radio spot. run in Iowa in the two weeks prior to the caucuses (including $9,000 on WHO AM-1040 in Des Moines).


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[Music up and under]. 

Female Voice: I know where I'm going to be on Monday the 24th.  I'll be at my neighborhood caucus meeting.  I know we're all busy, but really how can we complain about how things are if we don't participate?  This is our chance to talk about what matters to us and have the politicians actually listen.

As a teacher, I go to talk about public education issues like smaller class sizes and making sure our schools are safe.  I want the candidates to know how important a quality public education is to Iowa.

The other reason I'm going to my caucus is to lend my support to a party and candidate who really measures up on education issues.  I want someone that has always supported teachers and students in their fight to make sure our schools are as good as they can be [pause] not someone who just waves the education flag at election time.

What are you doing Monday the 24th?  Are you going to let someone else decide what's important to Iowa or are you going to let them hear your voice?

Go to your caucus.  Speak your mind.  Remember, they can't hear you if you're not there.

This message supported by the Iowa State Education Association.

[Music up and out].