Keyes 2000

60 sec. TV spot ran in NH late Jan. 2000.  (similar to 30 sec. "Alan Keyes on Taxes")

Bob Angeletti

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[On the screen--quotes from Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey, Ronald Reagan].

[Music]. Male Announcer: On February 1st the people of New Hampshire will vote for the Republian presidential nominee.  Cast your vote for the one candidate who has clearly demonstrated the willingness and ability to restore the principles of freedom and liberty on which this country was founded.

Alan Keyes [clip from speech]: What we can live without is this slave form of taxation.  What we can do is return to the original Constitution of this country, which was written by our Founders as to make the income tax unconstitutional. [applause sound] 

What we an do is return to the status of liberty and adopt a tax system that doesn't impose a tax until afte we've decided what we're going to do with our money.  And when we decide how to save it, how to invest it, how we want to spend it, how we want to put it here or there, then, levied on the open transactions in the marketplace, the government gets to take its share.

Male Announcer: Vote Alan Keyes for president, for a better America. [Keyes sound low in background]