Keyes 2000

30 sec. TV spot from Feb. 11, 2000. 

Bob Angeletti

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Child 1 voiceover: Dad taught me to ride a bike.
Child 2 voiceover: Mom taught me my ABC's.
Child 3 voiceover: Dad helps me write stories.
Child 4 voiceover: Mom's teaching me how...[children voices under]

Alan Keyes voiceover: The first responsibility for the education of our children lies in the hands of the parents.

Male Announcer: They're your kids.  They're our future.

Alan Keyes [audio clip from speech]: I don't believe it's the business of the federal bureaucracy to decide what our children need in education.  Get the government out of your way and the money back under your control so you can do the job [applause].

Male Announcer: Put education back into the hands of parents.  Vote Alan Keyes for a better America.