Keyes 2000

60 sec. radio spot run in IA in the days before the Jan. 24, 2000 caucuses.


Male Announcer: On January 24th the people of Iowa will cast their vote for the Republican presidential nominee.  We must make that decision based on principle.  Alan Keyes is the only candidate who has truly demonstrated a thorough knowledge and a deep understanding of the founding principles of this country.

Alan Keyes (excerpts from speech): Somebody tell me how they can pretend that killing babies in the womb, killing our future in the womb, respects an obligation to secure the blessings of liberty to our posterity.

Male Announcer: Vote your conscience.  Vote Alan Keyes.  Call 515 -XX for free caucus training.  Help make America a better place for all of us.  Paid for by Keyes 2000.

Alan Keyes: You want conscience back in America, put that principle back in our lives and in our hearts.