McCain 2000, Inc.

"Forged by Fire "
60 sec. radio spot run in South Carolina starting Dec. 13, 1999.

Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

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Announcer: A story about John McCain.  Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Colonel Bud Day first met McCain in a Vietnam prison.

Col. Bud Day: He was in horrible shape.  He was broken up and weighed about 95 pounds.

His body was saying that it's dying.  John's brain said, 'the hell I am.'

Being a POW forges you in fire.  You get the clear picture on what you are, what your values are.

John was very optimistic, and was considered by many of his peers as being one of the toughest, most resourceful resistors in the system. 

He came out of there resolute.  He came out of there with a love of country. 

And I have admired him immensely. 

John did everything he could do to uphold the POW motto - return with honor.

Announcer: John McCain.  The Character to do what's right.  The courage to fight for it.

John McCain: Paid for by McCain 2000.