McCain 2000, Inc.

"Decision "
60 sec. radio spot run in South Carolina starting Feb. 15, 2000.

Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

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Announcer: Listen to the people of South Carolina.

Man 1: I think the American people and especially the people in South Carolina are sick and tired of negative campaigns.

Woman 1: Yeah, I feel like when I see a negative ad that, they are skirting what the real issues are.

Man 2: When I hear a negative ad I change the channel.

Man 3: I just tune them out.

Man 4: There is no real need for negative campaigns. There are so many other issues to talk about.

Woman 2: It's keeping people from voting, I think McCain is changing that.

Man 5: Senator McCain's decision was the right decision to not engage in this negative campaigning.

Woman 3: His decision to run purely positive campaigns shows he's a man of confidence.

Woman 4: He has decided that this is the proper way to run a campaign.

Man 6: John McCain is drawing people into this election that have been completely jaded by politics.

Woman 5: Qualities that I expect to find in a leader.

Man 7: John McCain has elevated the race for the presidency back to where it should be.

Man 8: Thank you John McCain.

Woman 6: Thank you for running a positive campaign.

Man 9: And for standing up for what you believe in.

Announcer: John McCain, Character, Courage for President.

Senator McCain: Paid for by McCain 2000.