McCain 2000, Inc.

"Duty, Honor, Country"
30 sec. TV spot  run in SC starting Jan. 4, 2000.
Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

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[Music] Congressman Lindsey Graham (voice over): In Vietnam John McCain and his fellow prisoners of war showed us what honor really means.  A value we respect in South Carolina.

He's stood up for our families with a 17 year pro-life voting record, and has voted to take pornography off the Internet.

John McCain will bring honor back to the Oval Office.

He's the conservative who will stop Bill Clinton's betrayal of our military, and say no to the big money special interests.

Graham (on camera): Duty.  Honor.  Country.  That's why I'm supporting John McCain for President.


Analysis: A press release accompanying this ad notes that, "Graham, McCain2000 South Carolina Co-Chair, is consistently named one of the most popular leaders in the Palmetto State."