McCain 2000, Inc.

30 sec. TV spot run in NH starting Jan. 24, 2000.
Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

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Male Announcer: Over 12,000 military families on food stamps.

Veterans failing to get the benefits they were promised.

International tensions, hotspots and uncertainties around the globe. 

There's only one man running for President who knows the military and understands the world. 

John McCain. 

As a Navy pilot and POW he's seen the horrors of war.  As a Senator, he's already one of the nation's leaders in knowing how  to keep the peace.

Sen. John McCain: If America is to lead, then America's leader must be prepared for that challenge.


Notes: This ad contains imagery that is quite symbolic.  For example, at the mention of uncertainties, an image of a Chinese soldier with a huge portrait of Chairman Mao in the distance is shown.  Accompanying the reference to his role as a Senator is footage of McCain walking down the colonade at the White House with then-President Reagan.