McCain 2000, Inc. Advertising
Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

"Can Win" (March 3, 2000--CA, OH, NY)
"Rock Solid" (March 3, 2000--CA, OH, NY)
"Reagan Conservative" (Feb. 20?24, 2000--CA, DC, NY,OH, WA)
"Can Win" (Feb. 16, 2000--SC)
"Courage" (Feb. 11, 2000--SC)
"Desperate" (Feb. 2000--SC)
"Trust" (Feb. 2000--SC)
"Message to America" (late Jan. 2000--NH)
"Commander" (Jan. 24, 2000--NH)
"Wrong" (Jan. 21, 2000--NH)
"Proud Again" (Jan. 2000--SC)
"Every Dime" (mid-Jan. 2000)
"Duty, Honor, Country" (Jan. 4, 2000--SC)
"Faces of America" (Dec. 27, 1999)
"Just As Strong" 
"Ready to Lead" (Oct. 26, 1999)
Radio Spots
March 3, 2000--NY
"Strong and Consistent"
"John Rocker"

Feb. 15, 2000--SC
"Thank You"
"The McCain Difference"

Jan. 3, 2000
"Spirit of South Carolina"

Dec. 13, 1999
"A Christmas Story"
"Forged by Fire"

Oct. 19, 1999
"Senator's Story"