McCain 2000, Inc.

"John Rocker "
60 sec. radio spot run in New York starting March 3, 2000.

Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

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Announcer: George Bush has got to be kidding.

Now he's attacking John McCain on the environment?

In New York we call this chutzpah.

Why?  Because under George Bush, Texas ranks:

Worst among all 50 states in toxic air pollution from industrial facilities.

Worst in toxic chemical spills.

And just last year, Houston became the smog capital of America.

The Sierra Club said it best, quote, "Praising George Bush on clean air is like thanking John Rocker for his contribution to civil rights."

Senator John McCain's record is very different.  The McCain bill protected 3.5 million acres of wilderness.

Protected the Grand Canyon National Park from various forms of pollution.

And John McCain wrote the law to foster responsible solutions to environmental problems.

John McCain has a record to be proud of.  And he's a man we can believe.  And believe in.

John McCain.  Character.  Courage.  For President.

Senator McCain: Paid for by McCain 2000. 


Background: This is a response to the "Republicans for Clean Air" television ad.