McCain 2000, Inc.

"Strong and Consistent "
60 sec. radio spot run in New York starting March 3, 2000.

Stevens Reed Curcio & Company

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Announcer: George Bush is at it again.  And it's shameful.  This time it's his new radio ad distorting John McCain's record on, of all things, cancer research!

George Bush is dead wrong.

John McCain's record in the fight against cancer is strong and consistent. 

In the Senate he's voted to increase funding by billions for research at the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute.

McCain co-sponsored the bill that speeds up FDA approval of medicines to treat the terminally ill.

And John McCain's a leader on women's health issues, whether it's expanding Medicare coverage to include mammograms or requiring insurance plans to cover hospital stays for mastectomies.

At a time when we're making real progress against cancer, the last thing we need is a politician like George Bush spreading fear.

Reject his negative politics.  John McCain has a record to be proud of.  And he's a man we can believe.  And believe in.

John McCain.  Character.  Courage.  For President.

Senator McCain: Paid for by McCain 2000. 


Background: Response to the Bush campaign radio ad featuring breast cancer survivor Geri Barish.