Nader 2000 Primary Committee, Inc.

"Priceless Truth"
30 sec. TV spot run starting Aug. 7, 2000 in selected markets for about one week then on its website.

North Woods Advertising

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[Music in background: "Hail to the Chief"]. Male voice over: Grilled tenderloin for fundraiser: $1,000 a plate.

Campaign ads filled with half truths: 10 million dollars.

Promises to special interest groups: Over 10 billion dollars.

[Abruptly stop music]. Finding out the truth: Priceless.

[Fast-paced music]. There are some things money can't buy.  Without Ralph Nader in the presidential debates, the truth will come in last.  Find out how you can help.  Go to

Vote Ralph Nader for president.


Background: This ad is modelled on MasterCard's "Priceless" ad campaign.  The juxtaposition of the opening scenes of Gore and Bush engaged in political gladhanding followed by footage of Nader at work in his paper-stacked office provides a humorous touch.  The ad concludes with a fast-paced sequence of at least ten different images of Nader accompanied by some hip music.

MasterCard was not amused by the parody and sued.  On Sept. 12, 2000 the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York denied MasterCard's request to restrain the campaign from using the spot.  MasterCard's actions did have the effect of producing considerable free media attention for this ad.