Nader 2000 General Committee, Inc.

"Classroom C"
60 sec. radio spot from first part of Oct. 2000 run in Chicago in advance of the Super Rally there (similar spots run in advance of other Super Rallies).

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Teacher:  Today, class, we’re going to discuss the Presidential election.  Now in a democracy, hearing different ideas is very important.  So the candidates have debates.  That way, voters can hear the candidates talk about their ideas, and make a well-informed choice when they go to vote.

Let’s see how this works by having a debate ourselves.  Who wants to be the Democrat, Al Gore?

(SFX:  Eager Kids Saying “Me, Pick Me”)

Teacher:  Okay...Emily—why don’t  you be Al Gore today?  And who wants to be the Republican, George W. Bush?

(SFX:  Eager Kids Saying “Me, Pick Me”)

Teacher:  All right...Stevie, you be George Bush today.  The first question for the two of you—

Boy:  Mrs. Harrison, who do I get to be?

Teacher (slowly):  Well, Max, let’s see...(brightening)  You can be Ralph Nader!  So you don’t get to say anything.  In fact, Max, why don’t you just go sit out in the hall until we’re done?

Boy (disappointed):  Awww...

Announcer: Without Ralph Nader in the Presidential debates, democracy loses.  Come to Nader 2000’s Chicago Rally at the University of Illinois, Chicago Pavillion at seven thirty p.m. on Tuesday October 10, and let America know what you think.  Doors open at six o’clock p.m. with a suggested donation of just ten dollars.  For tickets and more information, go to or call (312) --.  That’s (312) --.

Ralph Nader: Paid for by Nader 2000 General Committee.