30 sec. TV spot started airing in Manchester, NH and Des Moines, Iowa week of March 23, 1999.

Ratcliff Strategies

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Female Announcer: Which Republican presidential hopeful said, "I will do everything in my power to restrict abortions."...?  (Dallas Morning News, 10/22/94) 


George W. Bush did. 

And which presidential hopeful said he would back a constitutional amendment to outlaw almost all abortions? (Associated Press, 3/8/99) 

Again it's George W. Bush. 

So which presidential hopeful said "I think the Republican Party ought to maintain its pro-life tenor."...?  (Exploratory Committee Announcement, 3/7/99) 

George W. Bush did. 

Get the picture? 

George W. Bush is anti-choice. 


Background: NARAL's Kate Michelman had a statement accompanying this ad: "Presidential candidates have taken just the first steps in their campaigns, but already some are stepping away from their records and positions on choice," Michelman said.  "They are trying to hide their extreme views because they know those views are not shared by the majority of the American people.  We cannot afford to allow a single American to be fooled. Our most fundamental rights are at risk."