Planned Parenthood Action Fund

30 sec. TV spot from July 12, 2000.

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[Music] Female Announcer (on camera): Every year Planned Parenthood gives millions of women and families the facts they need to make responsible choices.  

That's why you need the facts about George W. Bush.  Bush calls himself compassionate but would restrict funding for family planning and put a gag rule on doctors.  

He agrees he's the most anti-abortion governor in America and supports a constitutional amendment that would take away our right to choose.

Does that sound compassionate or responsible?

Get the facts and decide for yourself


Background: In a statement on the release of this ad PPAF President Gloria feldt said, "Once 'compassionate conservative women' learn Governor Bush's position on family planning issues, they do not support him.  'Compassionate conservative women' could be this year's 'soccer mom,' they could turn this election."she stated.