Gore Lieberman, Inc.

"Art Reyes"
60 sec. radio spot from Michigan, Oct. 26, 2000.

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Art Reyes: When George W. Bush attacks Al Gore on the environment, he's living in the past, a past I don't want to revisit.

I'm Art Reyes.  I'm no Lee Iacocca or anything.   Just an auto worker from Flint.  

Back in the '80s, I couldn't find a good-paying job.  I still remember having to explain that to my wife and son.  I'm working now; supporting my family, and thinking ahead.   So is Al Gore.

Gore understands that people around the world want cars that get higher mileage and pollute less.  We can meet that need with a new engine.  That's what Gore is doing in partnership with us.  Building that new engine means more jobs and a cleaner environment.  That's just common sense.

George Bush?  Seems like he'd sit by and let the Japanese and others develop and build a new engine, and not us.  Maybe he doesn't think we're good enough to build something new.  The fact is if we don't, Japan or others will.  And we lived through that already.

Don't let George W. Bush take us back.


Background: Counters the Bush "Iacocca" ad.