Michigan Republican State Committee

30 sec. TV spot run in MI starting Oct. 25, 2000.

Cold Harbor Films

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Announcer: Lee Iacocca. 

Lee Iacocca: Hey, we're car people in Michigan. 

Our state has overcome some tough times to build the best cars on the planet. 

But Al Gore's extreme ideas about cars could cost a lot of Michigan families their jobs. 

Mr. Gore writes, we need to raise gas taxes, and the gasoline engine is a threat to our future and we should scrap it. 
(On screen: "...the strategic goal of completely eliminating the internal combustion engine..."  Al Gore Earth in the Balance, p.326)

Al Gore may see the car as our enemy, but in Michigan, it's our jobs. 

Announcer: Log on and learn more about how Al Gore’s extreme views threaten Michigan jobs. 
(On screen: www.SaveMichiganJobs.com.)