Republican National Committee

30 sec. TV spot run in Charleston-Hunt, Clarksburg, and
Bluefield-Beckley markets in WV starting Oct. 30, 2000.

Cold Harbor Films

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Announcer: Al Gore's negative attacks on George Bush?  Distortions. 

"The truth?  George Bush supports black lung benefits.  It's actually Al Gore and Bill Clinton who repeatedly tried to cut black lung benefits for West Virginians. 

"Now Gore promises smaller government.  But Gore is actually proposing three times the new spending President Clinton proposed ... wiping out the entire surplus and creating a deficit again. 

"Al Gore's big government spending threatens America's prosperity.

Background: Gore held a big rally in Charleston on Oct. 27, and he and other speakers hammered away at the issue of black lung benefits.  The front end of this ad responds to the criticism on black lung, while the rest of the ad has the same "big government" theme used in ads running nationally.

The RNC ad prompted a Democratic response, which started running a few days later and included a strong counter-charge: "George Bush's new attack ad is a lie. Al Gore has defended black lung benefits for West Virginians. George Bush?  His hand-picked running mate voted against black lung benefits 18 times."