Republican National Committee

30 sec. TV spot run in 17 states Aug. 8-13, 2000.  (AR, FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MO, NM, OH, OR, PA, WA, WI).  According to RNC chair Jim Nicholson, this was a $3.7 million campaign. 

Cold Harbor Films

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Female Announcer: While George Bush offers a positive issue agenda, more negative attacks from Al Gore.

The truth?  George Bush is cleaning up Texas.  The Environmental Protection Agency reports that Texas leads America in reducing toxic pollution. (Toxic Release Inventory, Environmental Protection Agency, 1995-1998)

And Al Gore?

Gore has allowed mining companies to mine zinc from his property.  (Bill Turque, Inventing Al Gore, 2000, p. 106)

They've been cited for polluting the source of local drinking water. (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Notice of Violation, May 16, 2000)

All while Gore's made half a million dollars in mining royalties.  (Al Gore's 1999 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure, filed May 15, 2000)

Even on the environment, Al Gore says one thing but does another.


Background: This ad responds to a couple of DNC ads, "Sure" and "Environment," and it in turn triggered a response from the DNC, "Kidding."