Republican National Committee

"Let's See/Education"
30 sec. TV spot started running Sept. 9, 2000 in MI and PA.

Cold Harbor Films

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Female Announcer [Music]: Al Gore is promising campaign finance reform.  Can I believe him? [static]

Because of Gore's last fundraising campaign, 22 people have been indicted, 12 convicted, 70 took the Fifth Amendment and 18 witnesses fled the country.  [static]

Now Al Gore is promising more accountability in our schools.  And that sounds good.  Until you find out he doesn't require any real testing.

And no testing means no accountability. [static]

Just more politics from Al Gore.

Background: Like the RNC's previous ad, "Really," "Let's See/Education," brings into question Gore's credibility ("Can I believe him?") using an unseen female announcer to raise critical questions about Gore, who is shown on a television set in the kitchen.

The first part of "Let's See" focuses on Gore's involvement in the campaign finance scandals of 1996, but rather than poking at Gore in a somewhat humorous fashion on the Buddhist temple matter as in "Really," the ad starkly lists the numbers of people implicated in the 1996 scandals.  The second half of this ad is also more serious, tackling education instead of Gore's infamous Internet claim.