Republican National Committee

30 sec. TV spot run in FL, IA, KY, ME, NM, OR, WV starting Sept. 13, 2000. 

Cold Harbor Films

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Female Announcer: Under Clinton/Gore, prescription drug prices have skyrocketed, and nothing's been done.  

George Bush has a plan: Add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare.

George W. Bush:  Every senior will have access to prescription drug benefits.

Female Announcer: And Al Gore?  He says he wants to fight for the people against HMOs, but his prescription drug plan forces seniors into one HMO selected by the federal government.  

Al Gore: Federal HMO.  

George Bush: Seniors Choose.

Background:  This ad uses much of the imagery used in "Priority" to again make the point that Gore is putting forth a big government bureaucratic plan to address the problem of  high prescription drug prices.