Republican National Committee

"The Way Republicans Seem"
30 sec. radio spot run Oct. 10, 2000 through Election Day on urban stations, part of a $1 million advertising campaign aimed at black voters.

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[Jazz Music]
Man: I don't know how many urban Republicans [laughing] there are...

Woman: I'm not sure that they care about whether or not I'm able to attend college.

Man: Before I can trust the Republican Party [inaud.] make me feel that they care about me.

Male Announcer: Look, we know what you think Republicans are like, but we're working hard to show you who we really are.

We're listening and working to help all families. 

We passed the $500 per child tax credit and now we're on tuition tax credits and school choice. 

We're working hard.  Take a look.  You may be surprised by what you see.

Paid for by the Republican National Committee.