Republican National Committee

30 sec. radio spot run Oct. 10, 2000 through Election Day on urban stations, part of a $1 million advertising campaign aimed at black voters.

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[Ambient schoolyard SFX]

Mom: Have a good day, baby.

Kid: Bye, Mom.

[Car door closing SFX]

Woman: Is that a Republican sticker on your car?

Mom: My husband's backing them.  He thinks the Republicans are talking sense about education and tax credits or something.

Woman: I knew that man was crazy.

Mom: Well listen, Republicans want to give us the choice where to send our kids to school; they want to let us invest our Social Security money and cut taxes.  That puts the power in our hands.

Woman: Hmm.  You know, that is something to think about.

Kid: Paid for by the Republican National Committee.