Automated phone messages taped by Barbara Bush went to targeted voters in states such as Oregon and Florida (courtesy of the respective state Republican parties) in the days around Oct. 18, 2000.

Hello, this is Barbara Bush.

I'm calling to tell you about my son George W.'s plan to protect Social Security.  I know I have a mother's bias, but I know my son and his integrity.

When he proposes prescription drug coverage for seniors, modernizing Medicare, saving Social Security and preserving its benefits for current retirees with no reductions, no changes, he means it.

It makes me angry when the politicians, with no plan or vision of their own, try to scare seniors about these programs that are so important to their lives.  It is wrong.  Don't buy it.

George W.'s plan will make sure you get everything you have earned and protects you against the rising costs of health care and prescription drugs.  Do me a favor.  Call 800-### and express your support for George's plan to protect seniors.

Thank you.  Bye-bye.

Automated phone messages taped by General Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. Army (ret.) for the Bush campaign went to voters in battleground states starting Oct. 28, 2000:

This is General Norman Schwarzkopf.

We've been reading and hearing a lot about plans on issues important to us seniors.  George W. Bush has been talking about saving Social Security for current retirees and for future generations as well.  Al Gore has decided to try  and scare us seniors.  Trying to scare seniors is going too far.

You know me as someone who tells it like it is, so here is the truth.

George W. Bush's plan sets aside $2.4 trillion dollars to strengthen Social Security for those of us at or  near retirement -- no changes, no cuts, no reductions.  He also provides all us seniors access to prescription drugs and help paying for them. 

As a General in the U.S. Army, you trusted me with the lives of your sons and daughters.  So trust me on this.  I can promise you that George W. Bush will never do anything to hurt seniors or threaten Social Security.  Don't be fooled by the scare tactics.

Please call George W. Bush at 1-800-XXX-XXXX and tell him you support his plan to protect seniors.l