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Third Party Candidates
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Third Party Candidates
Harry Browne.  June 2000. THE GREAT LIBERTARIAN OFFER. Great Falls, Montana: Liam Works.
"Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne shows how we can get from today's oversized, $2 trillion federal government to a libertarian America in whcih you can live as a free person -- free to live your life as you think best, not as the politicians want -- free to raise your children by your values, not as the bureaucrats demand."

Kevin Graham.  June 2000.  RALPH NADER: Battling for Democracy.  Denver, CO: Windom Publishing Company.
"This authorized biography, based on numerous interviews with Ralph Nader and his family and friends, succinctly covers his fascinating and exciting life.  Everything from his childhood to his famous 1965 auto-safety book Unsafe at Any Speed, to his 2000 presidential campaign is included, along with many more stories of his life never before published." (Ages 10 and Up)

Linda Martin.  June 2000.  DRIVING MR. NADER: The Greens Grow Up.  Raymond, ME: Leopold Press.
Linda Martin chronicles the Draft Nader campaign of 1996. "Nader 'didn't run, he walked' for the presidency in 1996 and helped launch a national Green Party."

Patrick J. Buchanan. September 1999. A REPUBLIC, NOT AN EMPIRE: Reclaiming
America's Destiny. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing, Inc.
"Buchanan shows how America is reenacting the ancient folly of imperial overstretch that has led to the ruin of every other great power in history--and to the catastrophic world wars of this blood-soaked century. He argues for a new foreign policy rooted in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and giants of American statesmanship..."

Patrick J. Buchanan.  April 1998.  THE GREAT BETRAYAL: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy.  New York: Little, Brown and Company.
"...Buchanan charges the architects of NAFTA and GATT with selling out the middle class and turning their backs on the nation.  As the voice of populist conservatism, he speaks to the desperation of the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs as a result of the free-trade policies of the Global Economy.  ...Basing his arguments on the principles of our Founding Fathers and using real-life stories to illustrate the plight of the working class, Buchanan raises an impassioned call to arms.  He offers a 'new economic nationalism,' and invites a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party in 2000 on the issues of national sovereignty and social justice..."

Robert Roth.  September 1998.  The Natural Law Party: A REASON TO VOTE.  New York: St. Martins Press.
"Roth's book takes the reader to the front lines of the Natural Law Party's battles to open up the election process and reinvigorate democracy."

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