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Former Candidates and Some Who Considered Running
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Former Candidates and Some Who Considered Running
John McCain with Mark Salter. September 1999.  FAITH OF MY FATHERS. New York: Random House.
"John McCain learned about life and honor from his grandfather and father, who were both four-star admirals in the U.S. Navy.  FAITH OF MY FATHERS is the story of their lives, their heroism, and the enduring way that sons are shaped and enriched by their fathers."

Steve Forbes. August 1999. A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing, Inc.
"Steve Forbes offers bold new ideas for a new millennium on critical issues like saving Social Security, tax reform, school choice, medical savings accounts, the moral basis of a free society, and U.S. foreign policy."

Dan Quayle. July 1999. WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Nashville, TN: Word Publishing.
"...according to Quayle, three fundamental challenges must be faced: 1.) The values that built this country are under assault and muct be reclaimed; 2.) American prosperity depends on the middle class, and it must be protected from the Federal Government's taxation burden; and, 3.) America will either lead or be lead; we must choose to be the lone superpower, and to defend that status without apology."

Bill Bradley. October 1998. VALUES OF THE GAME. New York: Artisan.
"...No collection of players, no matter how good, can win unless they form a team. And no team can succeed unless it shares common values, among them courage, discipline, creativity, respect--and an unmitigated passion for achievement.  In ten essays, filled with intensely personal observations and reflections, Bradley explores these qualities in action..."

Steve Forbes. 1998. THE MORAL BASIS OF A FREE SOCIETY. Regnery Publishing, Inc.
"Sustaining a healthy society requires more than capitalism and democracy.  It takes a commitment to moral renewal..."  [This thin volume is a reprint of Forbes' essay which originally appeared in the Nov.-Dec. 1997 issue of the Heritage Foundation magazine Policy Review].

Lamar Alexander. May 1998. LAMAR ALEXANDER'S LITTLE PLAID BOOK. Nashville, TN: Rutledge Hill Press.
"311 rules, lessons, and reminders about running for office and making a difference whether it's for president of the United States or president of your senior class."

Richard Gephardt with Michael Wessel. May 1999. AN EVEN BETTER PLACE: America in the 21st Century. New York: Public Affairs.
Dick Gephardt decided not to seek the presidency, but if he had run this book would have been out there. "It is a book about this country and how we can make it a better place for our parents, our children, and ourselves.  It is both a self-help guide to the new economy and a message of concern--and ultimately optimism--about the state of citizen involvement in American democracy."

John Kasich. Nov. 1998. COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the Face of America. New York: Doubleday Books.
"...John Kasich profiles twenty people who are doing incredible things to help and inspire others, a celebration of individuals he's met whom he considers his 'heroes.'  Far more than a compilation of isolated acts of bravery and compassion, Kasich...sees the actions evidence by the people in his book as part of a larger, steadily growing crusade that is changing America.  He calls it the 'New Volunteerism...'"

John Ashcroft. May 1998. LESSONS FROM A FATHER TO HIS SON. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.
"...Senator Ashcroft, a devout Christian, offers a personal testament to his daily struggle on the path to stronger faith and greater service.  Using ancedotes about his father's wisdom and his own life, Ashcroft directly confronts the moral dilemmas today's America now struggles with in popular culture, politics, professional and family life..."

Newt Gingrich. April 1998. LESSONS LEARNED THE HARD WAY: A Personal Report. New York: HarperCollins Publishers.
"...Gingrich recounts some of the most challenging, even painful moments of his career and shows how they have forever reshaped his outlook.  ...says Gingrich, 'it is my intention to clear the air, to update Americans on the truth behind the headlines, and to give readers a much fuller understanding of who I am as a person and what I stand for.'"

Donald J. Trump with Dave Shiflett. January 2000. THE AMERICA WE DESERVE. Los Angeles: Renaissance Books.
"THE AMERICA WE DESERVE is Donald Trump's platform for the major political issues facing our country. He offers no-nonsense, populist, provocative, and dramatic solutions that no other politician would dare put forward.   ...Trump draws on all that he has learned from his successes, his failures, and his extraordinary comeback to describe a vision of what must be done to preserve the American Dream."

The hardcover edition of Sen. McCain's Faith of My Fathers (Random House-Trade) went through 12 printings totaling 500,000 copies. [source: Random House, 9/00]

Values of the Game (Artisan) by Bill Bradley spent five weeks on the New York Times' bestseller list and went through eight print runs totaling 181,000 copies. [source: Artisan, 9/00]

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