Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Boston 2000: So Much History, So Much Future 
There is no finer city in America for the 2000 Democratic National Convention than Boston.

When Democrats come here, they will find the historic attractions of "America's Walking City," the cultural institutions of the "Athens of America," and the programs that have become national models for so many Clinton Administration initiatives, from community policing to the most extensive university and city partnership for literacy.

As America prepares to enter the 21st century, Boston is poised to be America's premier city in the Information Age, a leading global center for knowledge-based industries such as health care and research, financial services, technology and higher education.  From the days of John Hancock, Sam Adams and Paul Revere, Boston has relied on a tradition of innovation to go from a colonial outpost to today's service hub of New England, a six state region with 35 electoral college votes.

Boston is ready for the convention.  In addition to the 1.2 million people who live and work in Boston each day, our new FleetCenter, new tunnel to Logan Airport and new hotels prepare us for the visitors.

Visit Boston and discover how the theme for our millennium year activities--"Boston 2000: So Much History, So Much Future"--applies just as well to the traditions and promise of the Democratic Party.