Bradley in Action

Photos Copyright 1998/1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

Aug. 1999.  Bradley received an enthusiastic reception at the 28th General Convention of the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades.
July 22, 1999.  Bradley delivered a major speech on campaign finance reform at the National Press Club.  He called for public financing of congressional elections, a ban on soft money contributions to the national parties, free broadcast time for federal candidates, national same day voter registration, and a Voting Leave Act that would require employers to give employees at least two hours off on Election Day in order that they can vote.
May 23, 1999.  At the Service Employees International Union's legislative and political action conference, Bradley set out his agenda in broad strokes, identifying five priorities. "The first is health insurance for everyone in the United States of America," Bradley said.  "Every child, every worker, as close to a hundred percent as you can get, go for it and achieve it," he said, to enthusiastic applause from the audience. Bradley also called for promoting racial understanding, defining America's role in the world, enacting campaign finance reform, and lifting up poor children and their parents.
Late 1998. Bradley spoke about his book Values of the Game and signed copies of it at Politics & Prose bookstore.
Late 1998.  Bradley at Politics & Prose bookstore.
June 5, 1998.  Bradley delivers the luncheon address at a conference on democracy, leadership and participation sponsored by the Burns Academy of Leadership.
April 23, 1998. Bradley and Bruce Hornsby highlighted an evening benefit concert for Participation 2000, an organization that helps train Democratic activists. The event took place at the U.S. Naval Heritage Center in Washington, DC. According to a rumor that circulated in early 1998, Bradley asked Hornsby to write his campaign song; Bradley denied the rumor.