Harry Browne

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Harry Browne of Franklin, Tennessee (Libertarian Party).
Current Formally announced candidacy on February 14, 2000.
Author of The Great Libertarian Offer (Liam Works, 2000); the focus is on "how we're going to get from here to there and what we need to do to sell liberty."
Senior editor at Liberty magazine.
Hosts weekly radio program broadcast on the Talk America Radio Network--since Aug. 9, 1998.
A little investment work.
Career 1996 Libertarian Party nominee for president.  Announced his candidacy in mid-August 1994, and appeared on over 500 broadcasts during the following two-plus years.  Obtained 485,798 votes (0.50%). 
Financial advisor: writer of Harry Browne's Special Reports, a newsletter providing opinions on the economy, politics and investments, 1974-97.
Involved in the investments business as a financial advisor since 1967; first book, published in 1970 sold 125,000 copies hard cover.
In 1962 became manager and part owner of a very small newspaper feature service.
Worked for advertising agencies.
Activities Author of more than ten books. 
Two non-investment books: How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (1973, reissued in 1997) and Why Government Doesn't Work (1995). 
Investment books include his first book, How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation (1970), which made the New York Times bestseller list; How You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis (1974), which stayed on the list for 39 weeks; and his most recent Fail-Safe Investing (1999).
Education Graduated from high school but attended college for only two weeks; thereafter self educated himself.
Family Married to the former Pamela Lanier Wolfe since 1985.  A grown daughter. 
Age Born June 17, 1933 in New York City; grew up in Los Angeles.
Recreation Classical music, opera, good food and wine, sports, drama, old movies, and fiction.
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Art Olivier of Bellflower, California
Current Selected as the Libertarian vice presidential nominee at the National Convention in Anaheim.
Career Elected to the City Council in Bellflower, Calif. in 1994; served as Mayor Pro-Tem in 1997-98 and Mayor from 1998-99. 
Served on the Bellflower Redevelopment Agency 1994-99 and on the Policy Board of the Southeast Los Angeles County Private Industry Council 1994-99. Director of Los Angeles County Sanitation District, 1998-99.
Ran unsuccessfully for City Council in 1992.
Ran unsuccessfully for 54th Assembly district in 1990.
Engineer at McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing, in Long Beach from 1979 to present.
Activities Producer and host of "The Political Money Trail" cable TV show, 1990-96.
Education Graduated from Cerretos College with a degree in Design Technology; certificate in Advanced Computer Technologies from University of California, Irvine.
Family Wife Joyce and four young children.
Age 42.
Recreation Riding dirt bikes (former amateur motocross champion).