Browne in Action

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July 2, 2000. Harry Browne accepts the nomination of the Libertarian Party at its convention in Anaheim California.  [full report >]
July 4, 1998. In his speech to the Libertarian Party National Convention, Harry Browne envisages a party of 200,000 members in 2000, a minimum of half a million members in 2002, and maybe one million members by 2004.  "I believe we could elect a Libertarian president in the year 2004," he said.  Browne said that with election of a Libertarian Congress in 2006, the income tax would be repealed in 2007. 
July 4, 1998. Harry Browne addresses the Libertarian Party National Convention.  Much of his speech focused on how the party can become more effective.  Browne said libertarians should work on message, using self-interest language and learning to sell their message instead of preaching.  Candidates should find three issues they are comfortable with and focus on them.  Second, Browne said it was important for libertarians to build name recognition, for example by identifying themselves as libertarians when they call in to radio talk shows.  Finally, he emphasized that success will depend on building the party by adding enthusiastic converts.
July 4, 1998. Harry Browne nominates David Bergland for National Chairman at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Washington, DC. Browne normally sought to avoid internal party politics, but in this instance he co-chaired the Bergland effort. Bergland, who was the party's VP nominee in 1976, served as the party's chair from 1977-81, and was the party's 1984 presidential nominee, defeated Gene Cisewski for the position by a vote of 350 to 241.   
Oct. 7, 1997. Harry Browne and leaders of other third parties gathered in Washington to support legislation that would reform ballot access and set more objective criteria for participation in the presidential debates.