Pat Buchanan

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Pat Buchanan, Reform, of McLean, Virginia.
Current Announced departure from the Republican Party and candidacy for the Reform Party presidential nomination on Oct. 25, 1999.
Author of A Republic, Not an Empire published September 1999.
Formally announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on March 2, 1999 in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Career On leave from The American Cause, a membership organization which he chairs and founded in 1993.
Co-host of "Crossfire" since it started in 1982, taking leaves to work in the Reagan administration and run for president in 1992, 1996 and 2000; host and panelist on other shows.
Syndicated newspaper columnist since 1975, taking leaves to work in the Reagan administration and run for president in 1992, 1996 and 2000.
Sought the 1996 Republician nomination for president.  Finished second to Dole in the Iowa caucuses (23 percent to Dole's 26 percent), won the New Hampshire primary with 27.25 percent of the vote (56,874 votes) in a crowded field, and continued his campaign until shortly before the Convention.
Sought the 1992 Republican nomination for president, stunning President Bush with a 37.37 percent showing in the New Hampshire primary (65,106 votes).  He did not do as well thereafter but garnered a total of 2.9 million primary votes.
White House Director of Communications, 1985-87.
Confidant, assistant and speechwriter to Richard Nixon from 1966-74.
Editorial writer at the St. Louis Globe-Dispatch, 1962-66.
Activities Author of five books: A Republic, Not an Empire (1999, Regnery Publishing), The Great Betrayal (1998, Little, Brown and Company); Right from the Beginning (1988, Little, Brown and Company); Conservative Votes, Liberal Victories (1975, Quadrangle/New York Times Book Co.); The New Majority: President Nixon at Mid-passage (1973, Girard Bank).
Education Georgetown University, A.B. in English and Philosophy, 1961.  Columbia School of Journalism, M.S. in Journalism, 1962.
Family Married Shelley Ann Scarney in 1971.
Religion Roman Catholic.
Age 61 years old.  Born November 2, 1938 in Washington, DC.

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Ezola Foster
Career Founder, Americans for Family Values, 1985.
33-year teaching career, starting in 1963 at David Starr Jordan High School in Watts; from 1985 to 1996 taught at Bell High School in the City of Bell (90%-plus Hispanic enrollment).
First black woman to appear on the ballot in California as a candidate for State Assembly (changed registration from Democrat to Republican in 1976).
Activities Author of What's Right for All Americans (1995).
Education Texas Southern University in Houston, B.S. in Business Education, 1960. Pepperdine University, Malibu, M.S. in School Management and Administration, 1973.
Family Married, three children.
Age Born in Louisiana.

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Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC   Sept. 18, 2000
Reform Party Presidential Nomination Acceptance, Long Beach, CA   Aug. 12, 2000
    Ezola Foster VP Nomination Acceptance
Leaving the GOP, and seeking Reform Party nomination, West Falls Church, VA   Oct. 25, 1999
Iowa Straw Poll, Ames, IA   Aug. 14, 1999

A Statement of Personal Beliefs (Aug. 2000)

FEC Certifies General Election Public Funds For Buchanan-Foster Ticket (Sept. 14, 2000)

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