The Bush campaign has used automated get-out-the-vote calls in a number of primary states.  Most of these calls were done by the telemarketing firm of Feather, Hodges, Larson & Synhorst.  Examples:

Georgia GOTV Script--Sen. Paul Coverdell for Gov. Bush, March 4, 2000
Hello, this is Senator Paul Coverdell.  I am calling to ask you to vote for George W. Bush in the March 7 Republican Presidential Primary.  As Governor of Texas, George W. Bush has a proven record of conservative reform.  He signed into law the two largest tax cuts in Texas history -- nearly 3 billion dollars.  George W. Bush reformed welfare and raised educational standards for all children.

As President, George W. Bush's top priorities will be to strengthen education and our military and to save social security and medicare.  He'll cut taxes and send back part of the surplus to the hardworking hands who earned it -- the tax payers.

Governor Bush is a principled conservative who will keep his promises and restore honor and dignity to the White House.  Thank you for your time and please ask your friends and family to vote for George W. Bush on March 7.

North Dakota, prior to the Feb. 29, 2000 caucuses
Hi, this is Governor Ed Schafer urging you to attend the Republican caucuses on Tuesday and support George W. Bush.

He has used his experience and leadership to reform education, improve health care, and cut taxes.  George W. Bush reformed education by creating high standards and returning local control to schools and parents, he passed a Patient's Bill of Rights while Washington, DC was gridlocked, and he cut taxes by a record $3 billion.  That is proven leadership with real results that North Dakotans can support.  It is vital that you attend your caucus tonight and vote for my friend, George W. Bush.

Washington state for the Feb. 29, 2000 primary
This is Governor George W. Bush asking for your vote tomorrow in Washington's Presidential Primary.

As Governor, I challenged the status quo and reformed welfare, improved education, and cut taxes by nearly $3 billion dollars.  I don't just talk about reform.  I get results.  As President, I will do the same.

I've campaigned in Washington State talking about our children's education by restoring local control of schools and teaching every child to read.

We can cut taxes for working families, set aside $2 trillion to strengthen Social Security, and pay down the national debt.

And we must strengthen our military and restore America's stature in the world.

Join me, Tuesday, February 29, as we take the next step to end the Clinton era and return integrity to the White House.

If you agree with my positive, hopeful message for better schools, lower taxes and a fresh start for America, then please go to polls tomorrow and vote for George W. Bush.

I would be grateful for your support.

Iowa for the Aug. 14, 1999 straw poll
Hello.  This is Barbara Bush.  I'm calling to tell you how thrilled I am you agreed to support our son, George W. at the Ames Straw Poll this coming Saturday, August 14th.  Thank you.  He will make a wonderful president.

Your attendance in Ames is very important and I hope you'll make every effort to be there for George W.  

George W. and Laura have planned a wonderful day of events for you and your family.  Please bring neighbors and friends if you can.  George and Laura would love it. 

Be sure to tell the headquarters who you are bringing so tickets, transportation and food can be arranged.  Just call (515) --.  That number again, (515) --.

A victory in Ames would be a big step towards making George W. the Republican nominee for president.  Thank you.

Of course, phone calls are still made by volunteers working phone banks.  A couple of scripts: 

Bush for President Virginia Election Day GOTV, Feb. 29, 2000
Hello, this is_____with Bush for President.  Governor George W. Bush has been working hard for our trust.  Please help us end the Clinton/Gore era in the White House.  If you have already voted, thank you very much.  If not, please do everything you can to get family and friends to the polls.  Every vote for Governor Bush will really help.  Polls close at 7 pm.

Thank you very much.  Good bye.

Bush for President South Carolina Advocacy-McCain Ad, Feb. 8, 2000
Hello, this is___with Bush for President.  As you know, Gov. Bush won a strong victory yesterday in Delaware.  He won more votes than all the other candidates combined because he's a reformer with results--a leader who as Governor took on the status quo to change education, reform welfare, cut taxes, and strengthen juvenile justice laws.  That's the kind of leadership he'd provide as President.

Now he's in South Carolina, working hard and stressing his message of reform with results.  Unfortunately, the race has turned ugly.  John McCain has TV ads comparing Governor Bush to Bill Clinton.  Senator Thurmond said, "There is no excuse for the negative ads."  He called it "sad" and "the sort of message that the people of this country have rejected."

Don't be misled by McCain's negative campaign tactics.  Please support George W. Bush because he has a strong message that unites our Party and he will restore integrity to the White House.

Q1  Can I tell Governor Bush he can count on your support for his reform message in next week's Republican primary election.


Thank you.  Goodbye.


Copyright 2000  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.