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Pres. Nomination 2000

Pres. Nomination 2000
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Ross Perot

Ultra-Longshot Parties
David McReynolds/Mary Cal Hollis--(Socialist Party USA)          Photos
-selected at Socialist Party USA 1999 National Convention Oct. 14-17, 1999 in Secaucus, NJ.
Earl F. Dodge/Dean Watkins--(Prohibition Party)
-selected at 1999 Prohibition Party National Convention June 29-30, 1999 in Bird in Hand, PA.
Monica Moorhead/Gloria La Riva--(Workers World Party)         Photos
-named at the Workers World Party National Conference "Learning Marxism for today's struggles"
Nov. 6-7, 1999 in New York, NY.

One of the biggest hurdles third party and independent presidential candidates face is qualifying for the ballot in the 50 states.  Each state has its own set of rules, and these rules often tend to favor the Democratic and Republican candidates. Ballot Access News

"Hey! How about us?"  Ultra-Longshot Candidates (Independents, Republicans, Democrats, and Others)
Anyone can run for President, provided they meet the criteria set out in Article II of the Constitution.  Indeed an eclectic mix of more than 100 people have filed with the Federal Election Commission.  Some are Republicans or Democrats, some are members of smaller parties and some are independents.  The election of Jesse Ventura as Governor of Minnesota showed that voters are open to non-traditional candidates.  However, Ventura was a well-known public figure and he had held an elective office previously.  Most of the longshots are unknowns, who have not held elective office and who have very limited resources to devote to their campaigns.  These are not promising foundations on which to launch a campaign for the top job in the country.  Yet, whether out of idealism, patriotism, or other motivations, these individuals determine to present themselves and their ideas to the voters.  A favored strategy of some ultra-longshot candidates is to mount a campaign in New Hampshire, where it is relatively easy to get on the ballot.  In addition, the advent of the Web makes it easier for longshot candidates to get their messages to voters across the country. Nonetheless, it is a simple fact that many of these candidates will not even appear on the ballot in a single state, and most are not heard from after New Hampshire. 
Project Vote Smart list | White House 2000       Photos

A Sampling of Ultra-Longshots
Sam Berry of Medford, OR (Republican)
Andy Martin of West Palm Beach FL (Republican)
Angel Joy Rocker of Navarre Beach, FL (Republican)
Carmen Chimento of Brookline, NH (Democrat)
Dr. Heather Anne Harder of Crown Point, IN (Democrat)
Lyndon LaRouche of Leesburg, VA (Democrat)
Jeffrey Peters of Jackson, NH (Democrat/"We The People")    Photos/Interview
Robert M. Bowman of Melbourne Beach, FL (Reform)
Russell A. Lacasse of Naples, ME (Reform)
Scott Kendall of Elk Grove, CA (Reform)
JR Carroll of Lexington, KY (Reform)
George D. Weber of Eureka, MO (Reform)
Ron Ouellette of Willimantic, CT (Green)
Robert Donald Kilgallon of Meadville, PA (Independent Write-In)
Joe Bellis of Shawnee Mission, KS (Independent/conservative)
Brian D. Saunders (Independent/Internet Party)
John Brantley of Athens, GA (?)

Former Prospects

Barry Hess
Dave Hollist
Jacob Hornberger (ruled out a presidential bid in June 1999, but sought the nomination at the convention)
Larry Hines (withdrew before convention)

Jello Biafra
Stephen Gaskin
Joel Kovel (withdrew after March 7 California primary)


John B. Anderson
Lowell Weicker
also mentioned:
Jim Traficant
David Boren
Pat Choate

Herb Titus