Christian Coalition's Road to Victory '98

Washington, DC   September 18-19, 1998
Photos Copyright 1998 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.


Campaign for Working Families' booth in the exhibit hall.  "Bauer Power" stickers were much in evidence during the conference. 
Bauer hosted a reception which drew a crowd of hundreds.     

Bauer appeared on the Blanquita Cullum Show which set up just off the main hall.   "This country was built by people at church on Sunday, at work on Monday and in the voting booth on Tuesday, and you should never forget that," Bauer declared.  He decried "the virtue deficit" and said President Clinton has "made every parent's job more difficult."  Bauer termed abortion "the central moral issue of our time."  He spoke of President Reagan's success in bringing down the communism and said, "The abortion culture looks so formidable...but it is built on a lie."

Bauer was among the most active of the potential presidential candidates at Road to Victory '98.   

On Friday, he held a press conference to discuss his just-concluded 10-day television ad campaign in Iowa.  Bauer's American Renewal organization ran two spots calling on President Clinton to resign.  Bauer said the scandal was "the equivalent of a cultural oil spill;" however, instead of wildlife, it is "our children that are covered with the guck."  Bauer said the spots had helped to concentrate the minds of Iowa citizens, but he noted that the Washington, DC network affiliates had refused to run them. 

On Saturday, in addition to his speech, Bauer hosted a reception for youth and made the rounds at various state caucuses. Of a possible presidential run, Bauer said, "I'm edging in that direction, but I still have a lot of praying to do."