Christian Coalition's Road to Victory '98

Washington, DC   September 18-19, 1998
Photos Copyright 1998 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.



Americans for Hope, Growth and Opportunity's booth in the exhibit hall. 
The Forbes Fiesta reception on Friday night drew a huge crowd.  The event featured Mexican food and music.  Tables were stocked with copies of Forbes' book The Moral Basis of a Free Society.     

In his speech, "A Time to Lead," Forbes first addressed the scandals facing the Clinton administration.  "Congress must hold publics hearings on all these matters," he said.  Forbes then turned to the issues of the day.  He called for "an American foreign policy, not one run by the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank or the bureaucrats of the United Nations."  On Social Security, Forbes said the country should "phase in a new system for our younger people."  On education he said we should "put parents in charge again." 

Forbes struck a familiar refrain on taxes and then, toward the end of the speech, addressed abortion.  Citing the language of the Declaration of Independence, Forbes noted the "unalienable Rights" granted by the Creator are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness--in that order. "First life, then liberty, then the pursuit of happiness," Forbes said.  "The right to life is not a state-given right, it is a gift of God."   

Forbes also placed a full-page ad in the Sept. 18 Washington Times urging the U.S. Senate to override President Clinton's veto of the partial birth abortion ban.

After delivering his speech, Forbes and wife Sabina signed copies of The Moral Basis of a Free Society at the AHGO booth.  A long line quickly formed.