Campaign Communications

Harry Browne for President Committee
Buchanan/Foster 2000
Bush-Cheney 2000, Inc.
Gore/Lieberman, Inc.
Nader 2000 General Committee, Inc.
National Party (DNC and RNC) Issue Ads
Interest Groups/Independent Expenditures
Public Service Announcements
En Español
Tampa Blizzard
Print Ads
Annenberg Public Policy Center--"Issue Advertising in the 1999-2000 Election Cycle" (Feb. 1, 2001)
Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law--"Buying Time 2000" (Feb. 4, 2002)--See particularly Appendix A.  "Presidential Profile: Bush v. Gore."
Ken Goldstein and Paul Freedman.  "Lessons Learned: Campaign Advertising in the 2000 Elections."  Appeared in Political Communication, Volume 19 Number 1 (January 2002).
Campaign Media Analysis Group (See "CMAG Eye" Newsletter)
Neglection 2000's Analysis of Candidate Advertising (Nov. 2, 2000)
Alliance for Better Campaigns
     "Gouging Democracy: How the Television Industry Profiteered on Campaign 2000" (March 6, 2001)
PBS's "The 30-Second Candidate" (broadcast Oct. 6, 1998)

Phone Calls
Tens of millions of  recorded phone messages featuring dozens of celebrities and political figures went out to targeted voters from mid-October to the end of the campaign.  A few examples:
Bush-Cheney, Inc. (Oct. 2000)
Democratic National Committee/State Democratic Parties (latter part of Oct. 2000)

Library of Congress/Alexa Internet's "Election 2000 Collection"


Convention Intro Films
Ten Minute Rhapsodies

Partisan Barbs
Dems on Bush; Reps on Gore

Presidential Campaign Rhetoric 2000-by Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D. student at UMKC.

From the Primaries
Television Spots
Keyes 2000
Bill Bradley for President, Inc.
McCain 2000, Inc.
Forbes 2000, Inc.
Bauer for President 2000, Inc.
Hatch Presidential Exploratory Committee, Inc.
Elizabeth Dole for President Exploratory Committee, Inc.
Alexander for President, Inc.
"California Mix"
"New Hampshire Crush"
"New Hampshire Print"
"Iowa Radio: The Final Two Weeks"

Phone Calls
Bush for President, Inc.
McCain 2000, Inc.
Interest Groups/Independent Expenditures


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