Democratic National Convention
 Staples Center in Los Angeles    August 14-17, 2000 

On the Front Page: Papers from Monday, August 14
Coverage of the Day before the Convention -- August 13, 2000
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media area in Los Angeles.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]

Washington Post (Special Edition)
Delegates Gather to Claim Spotlight 
Lieberman Grilled As Los Angeles Greets Democrats (Mike Allen)
2. Democrats Face Doubts In Bid to Regain House (Juliet Eilperin)
B1. Some Big Contributors Are Feeling Skybox Envy (Ruth Marcus)
B2. A Paradoxical President's Winding Path Nears End (John F. Harris)

New York Times (National Edition)
Democrats Ready the Stage For Their Post-Clinton Era
1a. Poll Finds Delegates to the Left of Both Public and Party (Adam Clymer with Marjorie Connelly)
1b. Platform Is Centrist, Like G.O.P.'s, but Differs in Details (James Dao)

USA Today 
Clinton hopes to pass torch tonight
Poll: 47% say there is no chance they’d vote for Gore (Kathy Kiely)

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition) 
Lieberman Promises to Stand United With Gore
Campaign: As Democrats gather for their convention in L.A, running mate says differences give the ticket added strength. The vice president says the event will be his chance to 'introduce me for what I am.' (Cathleen Decker)

Boston Globe
Democrats marshal their messages 
Core concerns top agenda as convention opens today (Jill Zuckman and Susan Milligan)
2. News Analysis: For Gore, goal is to emerge from Clinton's long shadow (David M. Shribman)
3. Analysts downplay the early polls   Predict extremely tight race, say electorate  is fickle till fall (Walter V. Robinson)

Philadelphia Inquirer
It's the Democrats' Day in the Sun
As the party gets down to business today in Los Angeles, President Clinton prepares to  pass the baton to Vice President Gore after eight years (James Kuhlenn)
2. Clinton's task tonight likely a tricky one   His speech must boost Gore -- and  set him loose (Jodi Enda)

Dallas Morning News
Democrats pledge truer inclusiveness 
Party Faults GOP 'cosmetics' (Carl P. Leubsdorf)
2. Clinton carries mixed legacy to convention (Michelle Mittelstadt)

Houston Chronicle
Convention's first day will star Clintons
President to hand Gore reins (Bennett Roth and David Ivanovich)
B. Democratic grande dame ready to party again (Clay Robinson)

San Diego Union Tribune 
Gore begins his transition to party leader
He vows a substantive contrast to carefully staged GOP meeting (John Marelius and Dana Wilkie Copley News Service)
B. Looming protests cast cloud over L.A. event   Officials fear radicals will trash city and its international image (Matt Krasnowski Copley News Service)

Washington Times
Lieberman denies major 'differences'
Senator says he is on same page as Gore on key issues (Joyce Howard Price)
2. Questions linger on Gore's Vietnam duty (Jerry Seper)
O. Tennessean no stranger to matters of religion (Larry Witham)

La Opinion (Los Angeles)
B. [headline below the fold] Abre la Convencion de LA
Llego la hora decisiva para el vice presidente Al Gore, quien sera ungido como candidato (Maribel Hastings) 
B2. Candidato visita ninos enfermos (AP-Cleveland)

Washington Post (Special Edition)
(Lead photo) Wide shot of a couple of convention workers applying finishing touches on the stage (Michel duCille).
B. Medium shot of President Clinton (Joyce Naltchayan--Agence France Presse).

New York Times (National Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium wide shot of Vice President Gore, seated on a stool, holding a microphone and laughing; people in the background and foreground (Paul Hosefros) [from Cleveland hospital stop].

USA Today 
A couple of small graphics.

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
(Lead photo) Police walking past a young girl (Carolyn Cole) [from demonstration].

Boston Globe
(Lead photo) Wide shot of a convention worker suspended in the air in the convention hall with the giant main screen in the background (David L. Ryan).

Philadelphia Inquirer
President Clinton and Chelsea at a fundraiser, Hillary Rodham Clinton on a video screen behind them (Susan Walsh/Associated Press).

Dallas Morning News
(Lead photo) Silhouette of a convention worker against a flag background (Mona Reeder).

Houston Chronicle
(Lead photo) Wide shot of convention worker vacuuming the stage with the giant main screen in the background (Karen Warren).
B. Small head shot of Liz Carpenter (Democratic grande dame).

San Diego Union Tribune
B. Protester walking past a line of police (Charlie Neuman) 

Washington Times
(Lead photo) Wide shot of sign-waving supporters, with Vice President Gore on a video screen (Daniel Rosenbaum) [Gore addressing AFL-CIO gathering via feed].
B. Photo of Al Gore in Vietnam in 1971.

La Opinion (Los Angeles)
(Lead photo) Wide shot of demonstrators carrying banners and signs marching down a city street (J. Emilio Flores)
B. Portrait/file photo of Al Gore