Democratic National Convention
 Staples Center in Los Angeles    August 14-17, 2000 
Day One Schedule
On the Front Page: Papers from Tuesday, August 15
Coverage of Day One -- August 14, 2000
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media area in Los Angeles.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]

Washington Post (Special Edition)
Clinton Dominates Scene in L.A.
Speech Rebuts GOP Criticism, Praises Gore (Dan Balz)
2. Analysis: Taking Credit, Passing It On to Gore (John F. Harris)
B1. Long Day  Of Protest Is Mostly Peaceful (Rene Sanchez)
B2. Lieberman Stirs Concern Among Blacks (Thomas B. Edsall and Hamil R. Harris)
B3. For Women, a Crucial Role   Democratic Candidates May Help Regain Congress  (Juliet Eilperin)

New York Times (National Edition)
Clinton, Opening Convention, Says Gore Will Protect Legacy
Sharing the Credit   President Rebuts Bush, Saying Progress Was 'Matter of Choice' (Richard L. Berke)
2. News Analysis: Political Shadow Dancing (R.W. Apple Jr.)

USA Today
Clintons champion Gore
B. President and first lady enjoy warm send off as protests flare (William M. Welch)
B2. A private person's moment in public (Rick Hampson)

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
Opening Night at Convention is Clinton's Show
Politics: The president steps into the limelight to recount his administration's accomplishments–and to embrace Gore.  Hillary Clinton credits teamwork of 'Bill and Al.' (Mark Z. Barabak and Jame Gerstenzang)
2. Gore Still Lags on Leadership Issue (Ronald Brownstein)
3. Police Forcefully Break Up Melee… (Tina Daunt and Carla Rivera)
B. Vice President Crafting Speech on 'Clear, Stark' Contrasts

Chicago Tribune
Clinton touts achievements, vows 'we’re not going back' (John Diamond)
2. Analysis: President sounds like a candidate (Michael Tackett)
B. History, hope bind Kennedys, Democrats (Lisa Anderson)

Philadelphia Inquirer
Clinton Looks Back, Ahead
Says Gore is one to continue policies (Jodi Enda)
2. Rendell rankles aides to Gore   But he  is standing by his remarks on… (Peter Nicholas)

Miami Herald
Proud Clinton: Gore's the Man
Nation is More 'Hopeful, Secure, Free'   [on the fold] President points to U.S. prosperity, says vice president can keep it going (From Herald Wire Services)

Dallas Morning News
Clinton lauds Gore for his role in boom
President tries to pave way for VP (Carl P. Leubsdorf)
2. They're in the money (Paul Pringle)

Houston Chronicle
Clinton bids adieu, touts achievements
Says America better off after his two terms (Julie Mason)
B. Analysis: Swan song echoes opener: It's the economy (R.G. Ratcliffe)

New York Post
Clinton to America: STAY ON COURSE
2. Hillary's prime-time pitch for Gore

San Diego Union Tribune
Clinton: 'Best is yet to be'
B1. Praises Gore, touts administration's feats (John Marelius)
B2. Analysis: President sets political stage in hearty speech (George E. Condon Jr.)

Orange County Register
Clinton sells Gore as partner in success (From Register news services)

Washington Times
Clintons take credit for prosperity
Say Gore will be able to continue good times (Frank J. Murray)
2. Hillary dons soft image, touts family, education (Andrea Billups)
3. Police with batons clash with protesters (Steve Miller)
B. Lieberman continues retreat from moral high ground (Bill Sammon)

La Opinion (Los Angeles)
Emotive adios de Clinton
El Presidente defiende su gestion y explica la importancia de elegir a Al Gore (Maribel Hastings)

Washington Post (Special Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium shot of the three Clintons on stage after his speech.  President Clinton is in the center, smiling, with his arms around Chelsea and Hillary.  Hillary is pointing (Rich Lipski).
B. Two protesters atop chain link fence (Dudley M. Brooks).

New York Times (National Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium shot of President Clinton waving; in back of him is the microphone, teleprompter screen and the color of the convention floor (Ozier Muhammad)
B. A delegate wearing a fancy hat (Associated Press)

USA Today
Medium shot of the three Clintons.  President Clinton is in the center and Hillary has one arm raised (Tim Dillon)
O. Large head shot of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (Jim Bourg, Reuters)
Small thumbnail head shots of John F. Kennedy (AP), Robert Kennedy (AP), Edward Kennedy (AP) and John Kennedy Jr. (USA Today) run down the page.

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium wide shot of the three Clintons with delegates in the background (Paul Morse)

Chicago Tribune
(Lead photo, O) Medium close up shot of President Clinton waving; in back of him is the microphone, teleprompter screen and the color of the convention floor (Nancy Stone)

Philadelphia Inquirer
Medium shot of President Clinton waving (Ron Edmonds/Associated Press)

Miami Herald
Medium shot of President Clinton, both hands raised (Ron Edmonds/AP)

Dallas Morning News
(Lead photo) Medium shot of the three Clintons; President Clinton saluting as Chelsea and Hillary look on (Irwin Thompson).

Houston Chronicle
(Lead photo, O) Medium shot of President Clinton, both hands stretched outward (to quiet audience before speech); decorative stars on the podium are in the background (Karen Warren)

New York Post
Medium close up shot of President Clinton saluting, the microphone in front of him (Associated Press)

San Diego Union Tribune
(Lead photo) Medium close up of the three Clintons, all waving; several heads are in the foreground and color from the convention floor is in the background (Brad Graverson/Copley News Service)
B. Delegate cheering, a couple of "Thank You, President Clinton" signs (Nancee E. Lewis)

Orange County Register
Medium shot of President Clinton giving a thumbs up during speech (Michael Goulding)
B. Demonstrators around a fire (Rick Bowmer/The Associated Press)

Washington Times
(Lead photo) Medium wide shot of President Clinton waving an American flag and a screen with "Thank you, Mr. President!" in the frame as well (Mary F. Calvert) [from NEA appearance].
B. Police and protesters in the street  (Maya Alleruzzo)

La Opinion (Los Angeles)
(Lead photo, O) Medium close up shot of President Clinton delivering his speech; very tight shot--could be almost any speech; shows none of the convention color (Aurelia Ventura)