Democratic National Convention
 Staples Center in Los Angeles    August 14-17, 2000 
Day Two Schedule
On the Front Page: Papers from Wednesday, August 16
Coverage of Day Two -- August 15, 2000
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media area in Los Angeles.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]

Washington Post (Special Edition)
Rallying the Faithful for Gore
As Candidate Takes The Reins, Speakers Aim at Core Voters (Dan Balz)
2. Analysis: Bridging the Divide Between Old, New Democratic Parties (David Von Drehle)
B1. A Life Defined at a Young Age   Lieberman Shaped by Early Religious, Political Lessons (Amy Goldstein)
B2. Convention Diary: On Guard To Protect Status--And More (David Von Drehle)

New York Times (National Edition)
Some Discontent at Centrist Theme of Gore's Ticket
Unease on Party's Left: Lieberman Confers With Black Caucus to Seek to Allay Its Concerns About Him (James Dao and Kevin Sack)
2. Los Angeles Keeps Its Eyes On Protesters and the Police (Todd S. Purdum)

USA Today 
Clinton leaves spotlight to Gore, Lieberman
(reporting inside)

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
2 Kennedys Call on Party to Rekindle JFK's Vision
Democrats: 'It is time once again to ask more of ourselves,' presidentís daughter says in rare political appearance.  Other speakers attack Bush and try to rally liberal base. (Mark Z. Barabak and Cathleen Decker)
2. Sen. Lieberman 'Clears the Air' With Blacks (Janet Hook and Matea Gold)
3. LAPD's Response to Protests Shows Its Strength and, Critics Say, Its Faults (Beth Shuster and Jim Newton)

Boston Globe
Democrats summon old ideals
Kennedys pay tribute to fallen heroes, look forward (Jill Zuckman and Michael Kranish)
2. Bush noncommittal on debates   Boston date seen at risk if governor agrees to only two (Anne E. Kornblut)

Philadelphia Inquirer
On Day 2 in L.A., a more liberal cast
Jesse Jackson, Bill Bradley and a quartet of Kennedys touched on traditional party causes with some deriding GOP effort (Mark Bowden and Jodi Endi)

Miami Herald
Gore takes the reins to party's future
Democrats look to liberal voters (Mark Bowden and Jodi A. Enda)

Dallas Morning News
Jackson leads charge on Bush
Attack against GOP serves to ignite, unite (Carl P. Leubsdorf)
2. Hollywood doesn't fear Lieberman's criticism (Wayne Slater)

Houston Chronicle
Democrats' liberal lions give Gore roar of approval (Alan Bernstein)

New York Post
BACK TO THE PAST  Dems invoke Camelot in bit to boost Gore

San Francisco Chronicle
A Call From Camelot
Kennedys plead for idealism--Jackson jabs GOP (Carla Marinucci and Lynda Gledhill)
B. Lieberman Quick to Answer Black Delegates' Concerns (Marc Sandalow and Carla Marinucci)

San Diego Union Tribune 
Party turns to heavy hitters
Kennedys, Bradley, Jackson try to fire up Gore's candidacy (George E. Condon Jr.)
2. Hollywood stars take center stage (Norma Meyer)

St. Petersburg Times
Lieberman's speech marks turning point
While many Jewish voters tend to vote for Democrats, his selection has energized this group. (Sara Fritz)
From catwalk to convention walkway, Brinkley wows 'em (Bill Adair)

Washington Times
Lieberman attempts to sooth disgruntled black Democrats
Party moves in effort to block schism (Andrew Cain and Dave Boyer)
O. Bradley: Win by Gore 'absolutely essential'; other speakers tout party agenda, rip GOP (Frank J. Murray)
B1. President asks for 16 years of the Clinton-Gore era (Bill Sammon)
B2. In emotional tribute, Caroline says JFK's spirit lives on (Andrea Billups)

La Opinion (Los Angeles)
Clinton pasa la estafeta a Gore
La atencion de la Convencion torna al vicepresidente que llega hoy a LA (AP from Monroe, Michigan)
2. Plataforma para todos los gustos (Maria del Pilar Marrero)

A lead image split between scenes of Clinton and Gore at their passing-the-torch rally in Monroe, Michigan and the Kennedys at the convention.

Washington Post (Special Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium shot of Vice President Gore, both hands raised in fists, President Clinton, Tipper Gore's back and half of Hillary Rodham Clinton with crowd in the background [from the Michigan rally] (Frank Johnston).
O. Medium shot of Jesse Jackson delivering his speech--run quite small (Rich Lipski).
B. Joseph Lieberman on the convention floor, waving [from Monday night] (Rich Lipski).

New York Times (National Edition)
B. Wide shot of demonstrators, hands on heads, being arrested and several police in the foreground (Agence France-Presse).

USA Today
Three photos across the top part of the page (L to R):
1. Close up of President Clinton waving and Vice President Gore; color from crowd in the background [from the Michigan rally] (Doug Mills, AP)
2. Close up of Edward and Caroline Kennedy (Tim Dillon)
3. Close up of Joseph Lieberman up close with Rep. Maxine Waters (Charles Rex Arbogast, AP)

Los Angeles Times
(Lead photo) Medium close up of Edward Kennedy waving and Caroline Kennedy smiling (Myung J.Chun) 
2. A couple of police officers, batons at the ready (Luis Sinco)

Boston Globe
(Lead photo) Medium close up of Edward and Caroline Kennedy smiling at each other (David L. Ryan)

Philadelphia Inquirer
Medium wide shot of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (Ron Cortes)

Miami Herald
No front page convention photos.

Dallas Morning News
(Lead photo, O) Medium close up of Jesse Jackson delivering his speech (Irwin Thompson)

Houston Chronicle
(Lead photo) Medium shot of Vice President Gore, both hands raised in fists and President Clinton; Tipper Gore and Hillary Rodham Clinton blocked, with crowd in the background [from the Michigan rally] (Associated Press)--very similar to the Frank Johnston photo in the Washington Post.

San Francisco Chronicle
(Lead photo) Medium close up of Edward and Caroline Kennedy embracing (New York Times)
B. Rep. Maxine Waters speaking into microphone with Joseph Lieberman behind (Associated Press)

New York Post
(Cover photo) Medium close up of Edward and Caroline Kennedy waving (AP)

San Diego Union Tribune 
Medium close up of Vice President Gore speaking into microphone with President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton behind him (Reuters)

St. Petersburg Times
Medium shot of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg waving, small head shots of Joseph Lieberman and of Christie Brinkley (no credits on any)

Washington Times
(Lead photo) Medium wide shot of Joseph Lieberman embracing man (identified in caption as Rev. Willie Barrow) while Rep. Robert C. Scott and D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton applaud (Daniel Rosenbaum)
B. President Clinton raising an Oscar-like statue (AP)

La Opinion (Los Angeles)
(Lead photo) Medium wide shot Vice President Gore and President Clinton waving, crowd in the background [from the Michigan rally] (AP)
B. Medium shot of Edward and Caroline Kennedy (Jorge Mujica)