Democratic National Convention
 Staples Center in Los Angeles    August 14-17, 2000 
Day Four Schedule
On the Front Page: Papers from Friday, August 18
Coverage of Day Four -- August 17, 2000
DEMOCRACY IN ACTION looked at the front pages of a nonscientific sample of major dailies, most of which were available in the media area in Los Angeles.  ["B" indicates "below the fold;" "O" indicates "on the fold;""Lead photo" indicates the photo is the dominant photo at the top of the front page]

Washington Post (Home Edition)
Gore Debuts as His 'Own Man'
Vice President Claims Nomination and Draws Distinctions With Bush (Dan Balz)
2. Analysis: Speech Marks Start of Tough Electoral Quest (David Broder)
B. Convention Diary: among the Delegates, Cheers for Substance (David Von Drehle)

New York Times
Gore, In Debut As A Presidential Nominee, Says, 'I Stand Here Tonight As My Own Man'
Rejoinder to G.O.P.   Vows to Enact Tax Cuts -- Seeks to Speak for 'Working Families' (R.W. Apple Jr)
2. News Analysis: A Man of Many Tasks (Richard L. Berke)
B. Gore, Center Stage At Last, Revels in Embrace of Crown (Todd S. Purdum)

USA Today 
Gore: 'Future is at stake'
Issue-laden speech paves his path: Iím 'my own man' (Lawrence McQuillan)

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
'I'll Stand Up for You,' Gore Pledges
Vice President Accepts the Nomination as 'My Own Man'
Speech Focuses on Social Issues as He Works to Assure Party He Is Ready for the Fight (Mark Z. Barabak and Edwin Chen)
2. News Analysis: Battle Cry for an Uneasy Alliance (Ronald Brownstein)
3. Officers Kept Eye on Protests From Within (Beth Shuster)

Boston Globe
'I stand hereÖas my own man'
Gore vows prosperity and 'fairer' country (Michael Kranish and Susan Milligan)
O. News Analysis: A clear sense of the challenge  A nominee of many phases lays out  his own agenda (David M. Shribman)

Philadelphia Inquirer
Gore Lays Out His Agenda
Vows to fight for average citizens (Mark Bowden and Jodi Enda)
2. Analysis: Nominee's tall order: Sell self, policies (Dick Polman)

Miami Herald
Gore Steps from Shadows
Al Gore: 'I Stand here tonight as my own man, and I want you to know me for who I truly am.'   Candidate tries to forge an identity in crucial speech (Mark Bowden and Jodi A. Enda)
B. New grand jury is set to investigate Clinton

Washington Post (Home Edition)
Wide shot of Tipper and Al Gore and Joseph and Haassah Lieberman on the stage after Gore's speech.  The Gores are waving, some white balloons are falling, and a bit of the video screen is visible (Susan Biddle)
B1. Delegates on the floor, including one holding a hand painted "Viva Gore" sign (Eric Risberg/Associated Press)
B2. Medium close up of Al Gore delivering his speech (Rich Lipski)

New York Times
(Lead photo) Medium shot, straight on, of Al Gore (entering the convention hall to delevir speech), both arms outstretched; people's heads in front and crowd blur behind him (Ozier Muhammad)

USA Today

Los Angeles Times (L.A. Edition)
(Lead photo) Medium shot of Tipper and Al Gore waving, with white balloons falling in the background (Al Seib)

Boston Globe
(Lead photo) Medium shot, side view of Al Gore, one arm pushed forward, sharply in focus surrounded by a blurry background of the crowd, Gore banners, and American flags (Bill Greene) 

Philadelphia Inquirer
(Lead photo) Medium shot of Tipper and Al Gore waving and Hadassah Lieberman, white balloons falling [Joseph Lieberman either blocked or not in frame] (Charles  Krupa/Associated Press)

Miami Herald
(Lead photo) Medium shot of Al Gore during speech, taken from the side, both hands clenched into fists in front of him; the background is not distinct (Associated Press)