Democratic coordinated campaigns (DNC and state parties) began placing automated calls in key battleground states such as Michigan and Florida in mid- to late-October (for example, the Asner calls started in Florida Oct. 21).  An early message featured Ed Asner talking about Social Security.  The Republican National Committee denounced the "Gore-Asner prank calls" as "scare tactics" designed to "terrify seniors into supporting his [Gore's] candidacy."  Other calls featured Texas residents talking about nursing home care and the environment.  The Bush campaign termed the Ann Friday/nursing home calls "dispicable."

Democrats defended the calls.  For example, a news release from Michigan Democrats stated, "The Michigan Democratic Coordinated Campaign is running these message calls as an extension of the Texas Truth Squad.  The Texas Truth Squad is a group of Texans that travel the country setting the record straight on Gov. Bush's record.  The people calling are real Texans telling the truth about Gov. Bush's failures to lead on nursing home reform and the environment.  We will continue these message calls to let people in Michigan know the truth about Bush's failed record in Texas."

Odelia Alaniz--nursing home care
Hello, my name is Odelia Alaniz from Kingsville, Texas.  My mother died in June 1995 after her nursing home attendants caused and failed to treat her shattered hip bone.  One week later, George W. Bush signed a law that weakened nursing home standards in Texas.  At a time when seniors needed more protections, Governor Bush tried to give us less.  Since then, nursing home complaints in Texas have doubled.  Just this week, a national study found that 2 out of 3 nursing homes in Texas have serious problems.  Tell Governor Bush to stop breaking promises and start fighting to protect America's seniors.

Ann Friday--nursing home care
Hi, this is Ann Friday from Arlington, Texas.  My husband passed away nearly four years ago from an illness that his nursing home attendants failed to notice.  He could be alive today if it wasn't for the neglect he experienced.

When George W. Bush ran for governor, he promised to improve the qualifty of life for nursing home residents.  But George W. Bush broke that promise when he signed legislation that weakened nursing home standards.  Since then, nursing home complaints in Texas have doubled.

Tell George W. Bush to stop breaking promises and star fighting to protect America's seniors.

Charlotte Cherry--environment
Hi.  My name is Charlotte Cherry from Houston, Texas.  I want to tell you how George W. Bush's terrible record on the environment has affected my kids.

Here in Houston we have the worst air pollution in the country, even worse than Los Angeles.  The air in Houston is so filthy that my two kids are frequently not allowed to go outside for recess.  Governor Bush has accepted $1.3 million from corporate polluters and he's allowed them to keep polluting while my kids suffer.

Please tell George Bush that our kids' health is worth fighting for.  Thank you.

Ed Asner--Social Security
Hi, this is Edward Asner and I want to talk to you about the promise that has been made to seniors here in America. 

Social Security is a sacred trust.  That's why Al Gore uses the nation's surplus to preserve Social Security. 

Unfortunately, George W. Bush has a proposal that would undermine Social Security.  Even threatening current benefits.  George W. Bush proposes to take one trillion dollars out of the trust fund and give it to younger workers to invest.  He promises that won't mean a cut in current benefits, but the independent Wall Street Journal shows that the Bush plan drains money that is needed now to pay our current benefits. 

This is Edward Asner.  Intelligent changes are needed with Social Security, but not at the cost of current retirees.  That's a violation of a sacred trust.