Dole in Action

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Fundraising Dinner, Washington, DC--April 27, 1999
This was the kickoff event in a ten-city, ten-event fundraising tour; according to the campaign it raised about $500,000.  Dole said the event was "like a great big family reunion."  In her remarks to an audience of between four and five hundred people, Dole expressed concern that young people are turning away from public service due to "a thickening layer of cynicism and doubt."  "What can I, as a woman bring to our country?" she asked.  Dole said the overarching theme of her 30-plus years of public service was "service over politics, consensus over confrontation."  Dole also responded those who have criticized her for skirting the issues, saying that she had only left the Red Cross a few months ago, and that not many people are paying to the campaign yet; she said she would be rolling her positions out in a thoughful way over the coming months.  Before the dinner Dole picked up the endorsement of former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Jeane Kirkpatrick. 

Speech to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce--February 8, 1999
Breakfast with Potential Supporters, Bedford Village Inn--February 9, 1999
Manchester, NH
Elizabeth Dole talks with potential supporters during the breakfast at the Bedford Village Inn. 
Toni Pappas, a New Hampshire leader in the effort to draft Elizabeth Dole into the presidential race, was one of several hundred people, mostly women, at the breakfast. 
The morning after her Chamber of Commerce speech, Elizabeth Dole visited the Bedford Village Inn for a breakfast with potential supporters. A large, unwieldy media contingent covered the event. 
"There's been a little speculation that I might run for President.  And if I run, this will be an important reason why: Because the United States of America deserves a government worthy of her people." 
Dole acknowledges the audience's welcome. 
Elizabeth Dole talks with an admirer before her speech. 
Supporters rally outside the Center of New Hampshire complex before Dole's speech.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Pearson 
Jan. 23, 1999--Salisbury, North Carolina.  The Draft Elizabeth Dole 2000 committee held a rally at Salisbury Station, in Elizabeth Dole's hometown of Salisbury to encourage her to run. Despite bad weather more than 1,000 people showed up. 
Jan. 4, 1999--Elizabeth Dole announces her resignation from the American Red Cross in a speech to several hundred Red Cross employees at the organization's Board of Governors Hall.  Dole was ambiguous about her future plans, stating that "the Red Cross is now solid as a rock, and, at this important time in our national life, I believe there may be another way for me to serve our country.  The Red Cross has been a glorious mission fiel, but I believe there may be other duties yet to fulfill." 
April 29, 1998--Elizabeth Dole wows an audience of about 600 Republican women at the Republican Women Leaders Forum in Washington, DC. She regaled them with stories from her career and from the 1996 campaign and presented her vision of America in the next century. While Dole avoided partisan remarks because of her position at the American Red Cross, some some of her speech did sound like a campaign stump speech. "What's happened to honor, duty, personal responsibility?" Dole asked, decrying "a pornographic culture and a society that no longer blushes." She said Americans should "direct resources back to parents and principals, policemen and pastors." "We can never return to an age of innocence, but we can move on to an age of rediscovery," Dole declared.