Michael Faircloth

Texas designer Michael Faircloth has been designing custom couture creations for more than a decade.  His emphasis on sophisticated, feminine fashion has made him a favorite of an international clientele of public figures, royalty and notable brides and debutantes.

He currently enjoys a flourishing couture business of creations designed specifically for the women who wear them.  Faircloth is inspired by the feminine form and has a great appreciation for the strength of statuesque beauty.

The award-winning designer's clientele includes: Laura Bush, wife of President-elect George W. Bush; Sarah Perot, wife of businessman Ross Perot Jr.; Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation; and Mrs. Thomas Borer, wife of the Swiss ambassador to Germany.

A fashion design graduate of the University of North Texas, Faircloth's talents quickly launched him into the specialized art of couture, earning him early patronage from Neiman Marcus and Stanley Korshak. As the in-house designer for Lilly Dodson in Dallas' most chic shopping community, Faircloth stressed detail and classic lines for silhouettes fromday dresses and suits to ball gowns.

To accentuate the feminine form, Faircloth's designs follow close to the body. For his Fall Collection he capitalized on this philosophy with slender silhouettes and elongated waists.  Using imported fabrics from the best mills in the world and embellishments by artisans previously associated with the likes of James Galanos, the collection touts earth and mineral hues, punctuated with red -- one of the designers favorite colors to convey a woman's allure and confidence.

A true courtier, Faircloth's custom designs involve sketches, muslin fittings and finally piece de resistance...the spectacular creation.  He is exceedingly proud of his exceptionally talented workroom, capable of draping and hand stitching the most delicate of fabrics, as well as structuring and shaping a hand-tailored suit.

Because he understands a woman wants to feel beautiful whether attending a casual function or a grand gala, Faircloth's greatest joy is found in achieving this for his client.  His attention to detail and commitment to aesthetics quickly gainst his clients' confidence.

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