Forbes in Action

Photos Copyright 1998, 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

June 18, 1999--Manchester, NH. Culminating a busy week which saw his first major campaign fundraiser, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City on June 16 and the opening of his Iowa headquarters in Des Moines on June 17, Forbes celebrated the grand opening of his headquarters on Elm Street. [more photos].
May 18, 1999. Speaking at the Small Business Survival Summit in Washington, DC, Forbes offered "A New Vision for Social Security" and challenged Vice President Gore to debate him on the subject.
March 22, 1999. Forbes delivered a speech on "New Patterns of Leadership" at an Annenberg Public Policy Center forum. "In business, and I think too in politics, it often takes an outsider to make the innovations, to see things the way they ought to be seen in changing times and circumstances," he said.
Sept. 8, 1998. Forbes signs the coalition's letter.
Sept. 8, 1998. Forbes, Citizens for a Sound Economy counselor Jim Miller, and representatives from more than a dozen other economic and social conservative groups held a press conference to urge Congress to pass deep tax cuts. To Forbes' left are Jim Martin of the 60-Plus Association and Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition.  Forbes called for "a dramatic, Reaganesque income tax cut of at least $2,000 for the average family." Forbes also said the House should begin public impeachment hearings, and he took the opportunity to speak out against more money for the International Monetary Fund, which he described as "the Typhoid Mary of the modern economy." 
July 9, 1998. Joined by Karen Kerrigan, president of the Small Business Survival Committee, and Randy Tate, executive director of the Christian Coalition, Forbes calls for medical savings accounts "done properly."  He said the MSA approach "puts you the consumer in charge" and will make health care more affordable.  Forbes noted that Forbes magazine has used a form of MSAs for seven years; it provides $1,500 for routine medical expenses.  The United Mine Workers has a variation as well.  Forbes said that MSA proposals before Congress have too many arbitrary restrictions.  He said the current health insurance system is costly and "hostile to innovation" and warned thaat Democrats were "trying to salami slice their way to" nationalized health care.
June 13, 1998--Cedar Rapids.  The day after the Iowa GOP's First in the Nation Gala, delegates got down to business at the state party convention. Forbes visits the convention hall to see the action.
June 12, 1998--Cedar Rapids.  Forbes speaks at the Iowa GOP's "First in the Nation Gala."  He declared that America faces "a moral and spiritual crisis that threatens the very foundation of our free society."
June 12, 1998--Cedar Rapids.  Forbes makes a brief statement and takes questions prior to the Iowa GOP's "First in the Nation Gala."  He said his speech would focus on "the direction the party should take in 1998 and the year 2000."  In response to a question, Forbes outlined familiar reform priorities: the tax code ("a corrupt abomination"), a new Social Security system, medical savings accounts, parental control of schools, and overriding Clinton's veto on partial birth abortions.
Feb. 26, 1998.  Forbes appears at a Capitol Hill news conference in support of a tax limitation balanced budget amendment.  A year earlier he had participated in a similar gathering.
Feb. 20, 1998.  Forbes delivers one of his many business speeches.  Several hundred people attended the event; before his speech Forbes went through the room, stopped at each table, and shook every person's hand.
Jan. 20, 1998. Forbes takes questions during a morning news conference at the National Press Club.
Oct. 21, 1997.  Forbes delivers a major speech on "The Moral Basis of a Free Society" at the Heritage Foundation. 
Aug. 26, 1997.  Forbes speaks at a Human Events-sponsored forum "Framing the Debate for '98--What the Republican Congress Should Do Now" at the National Press Club.  He declared that the Republican Party is "badly off message" and "drifting."  Christian Coalition president Don Hodel also spoke at the event. 
March 19, 1997.  On Capitol Hill, Forbes speaks at "A Briefing on the Social Security Crisis: Is the Stock Market the Answer?" sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis.
March 7, 1997.  Forbes speaks on "A Republican Agenda for the 21st Century" at the 24th Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC.
Feb. 12, 1997. Forbes, fourth from left, joins congressmen and advocacy group representatives on Capitol Hill in support of a tax limitation balanced budget amendment.