Gephardt in Action

Photos Copyright 1998, 1999 Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

Feb. 3, 1999. With Democrats needing to pick up only six seats to regain a majority in the House, Gephardt decided to continue on in Congress rather than making a presidential bid.  In a speech to the House Democratic Caucus, Gephardt declared, "I've handed that gavel over for the last time.  When the 107th Congress convenes in January of 2001, I want to take that gavel back on your behalf."  Democratic Caucus Chairman Martin Frost applauds Gephardt's speech.
Feb. 3, 1999. Democratic House members greeted Gephardt's speech with boisterous enthusiasm.
April 21, 1998. House Minority Leader Gephardt speaks on "why winning back the House is important" at the AFL-CIO Building & Construction Trades Department's national conference in Washington, DC. He pointed to health care, education, and wages. Gephardt also strongly denounced the "paycheck protection" initiative, California's Prop. 226, saying it would silence workers.    
Sept. 27, 1997. House Minority Leader Gephardt, following Vice President Gore, addresses health care, education and trade in a well-received speech at the Democratic National Committee's mid-year meeting in Washington, DC. Gephardt's remarks on trade, accompanied by a few slides of a visit he had recently made to a maquiladora in Juarez, Mexico, moved many in the crowd. He declared that the United States should not trade "without values and worker rights and environmental protection.    
Sept. 26, 1997. House Minority Leader Gephardt talks with state chairs at the Democratic National Committee's mid-year meeting in Washington, DC.