Gore in Action

Photos Copyright 2000  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.  All rights reserved.

July 21, 2000.  Vice President Gore addressed the AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department's convention in Washington.  Gore said that this week could mark a turning point in the campaign because Bush's Social Security advisor Martin Feldstein had admitted, in Gore's words, that the Bush plan "would put it [Social Security] into virtual bankruptcy."  Gore, who had been lagging behind Bush in horserace polls for the past several months, recently began to show some advances.  For about nine or ten days he had been pounding away at Bush's record in Texas. Gore urged his audience to "fight off any cynics who say they're all the same and it doesn't make any difference."
April 22, 2000.  Speaking on the Mall on the 30th anniversary of Earth Day, Vice President Gore called for making the next ten years the "Environment Decade." 
April 12, 2000.  Vice President Gore regaled newspaper editors meeting in Washington with stories from his days at the Tennessean, then delivered his stump speech and took a few questions.