Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention
Denver, CO   June 23-25, 2000
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Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke
Second press conference.

Press conference. 

"We want to reach these 75 million non-voters and enlist them," Nader said.

Winona LaDuke delivered a powerful speech at a reception, but did not formally address the convention.  LaDuke said it is time to stop killing buffalo.  "We have created a system that is totally unsustainable," she said.  On nuclear waste, LaDuke said it is outrageous that the only solution we have is to "take it down some dirt road and dump it on an Indian reservation."

LaDuke spoke of a visit she recently made to the Pine Ridge Reservation where over 50% are unemployed.  She called for tolerance for cultural diversity.  "The more ways you can pray to the Creator, the better it is," she said.  Finally, LaDuke said there should be "a seventh generation amendment to the Constitution" which would make it clear that "you cannot trash the commons."
Stephen Gaskin

Speech to the delegates.

Gaskin didn't hold a formal press conference; instead he talked with small groups of reporters while munching on "Original 'Wild' Stonewall's Jerquee."  Half the Greens are hippies," Gaskin said. Gaskin said he was not running against Nader.  "Ralph doesn't want to talk about reefer," he said.  "The war on drugs is the cleares oppression in this country." Gaskin noted that none other than Al Gore, 

then working at the Tennessean, wrote the first story on the Farm.  He said Gore [in Congress] did good work on arms, but is "a dope hypocrite," while Bush is so shallow that he doesn't know what he's doing."  All in all, Gaskin said he enjoyed the campaign because it allowed him to "get taken seriously" and "say things that I've wanted to say for a long time."
Jello Biafra

Speech to the delegates.
Jello Biafra advanced a plethora of radical ideas including a maximum wage, amnesty for all student loans, decriminalization of drugs, legalized squatting in vacant buildings, a mandatory class on parenting before students graduate from high school, and election of police officers by the districts they patrol.  "Join the Green Wedge," he exhorted.

Press conference.