Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention
Denver, CO   June 23-25, 2000
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Around and About


Thomas Dickerman, Lynn Serpe and Greg Gerritt welcome arriving delegates.
  Delegates are pleased to see coverage of the Nader campaign in USA Today.


There are two national Green organizations.   Greens/Green Party USA, the "radicals" or "fundies," is the movement wing and has a more pronounced concern for oppressed groups.  Greens/Green Party USA produced its own platform but supports the Nader candidacy.  The Association of State Green Parties (ASGP), which has more of an electoral focus, organized the convention.  Greens/Green Party USA and ASGP have been attempting to merge; Star Rankin (seated at the Greens/Green Party USA table in the photo above) is a member of the negotiating group.
Kevin Graham talks about his just-published book Ralph Nader: Battling for Democracy (Windom Publishing Company, Denver, CO). Ralph Nader signs copies of the Graham book.

John Rensenbrink of Maine, leader in the Green Party movement and founder of the Maine Green Party, brought some copies of his book Against All Odds; The Green Transformation of American Politics (1999; Leopold Press, Raymond, ME).

Linda Martin is pleased to show her just-published book Driving Mr. Nader: The Greens Grow Up (Leopold Press, Raymond, ME).
Richard Knabin signs a petition. Tim Davis of Minneapolis, MN and friend from Ames, IA educate delegates, handing out a flyer urging Greens and Nader to support ending the drug war.
John Dervin (seated right), Youth Vote 2000's political and debates director, and a unidentified activist manned the organization's table. A bit of theater...
Members of the D.C. to Denver Freedom Ride celebrate their arrival in Denver. The Kewet 2000 electric car could be available in the United State in eight to 10 months.  It can travel at up to 65 miles per hour and weighs just 340 pounds.  If it hits something it "bounces off like a tennis ball."