Dr. John Hagelin

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John Hagelin, Ph.D, of Fairfield, Iowa (Natural Law Party).
Note: Dr. Hagelin also sought the Reform Party nomination.  He notified the party's presidential nominations committee of his candidacy on Oct. 12, 1999 and spoke at various state Reform Party conventions, starting with the Reform Party of Virginia convention on Nov. 13.  His supporters staged a separate Reform Party convention in Long Beach in Aug. 2000.  Hagelin then held a Natural Law Party and Reform Party coalition convention in No. Virginia on Aug. 31-Sept. 2.  However, in mid-Sept. 2000, the Federal Election commission recognized Pat Buchanan as the Reform Party nominee, awarding him $12.6 million in federal funds.
Current Director of Maharishi University of Management's (Maharishi International University's) Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy (a public pollicy think tank).
Chairman and director of the doctoral program in elementary particle physics at Maharishi University of Management (Maharishi International University) in Fairfield, Iowa.  Hagelin joined MIU in 1983.
Director of research and product development at Enlightened Audio Designs Corp.
Head of the Natural Law Party's Platform Committee.
Career In 1996 was again the Natural Law Party candidate for president; obtained 113,670 votes (0.12%).
In 1992, helped establish the Natural Law Party and ran for president as its candidate, obtaining 39,163 votes (0.04%). 
Physics researcher.  Conducted research in elementary particle physics at European Laboratory fro Particle Physics (CERN) and Stanford Linear Accelerator.  Author of more than 60 scientific articles.
Activities Author of Manual for a Perfect Government (MUM Press, July 1998)
Education Dartmouth University, A.B. in Physics; Harvard University, M.S. and Ph.D. in quantum physics.
Age 45 years old.  Born June 9, 1954 in Pittsburgh, PA, the second of four sons.  Raised in Connecticut.  Father, Carl, was a businessman, mother, Lee, a school teacher. 
Recreation Flying a small plane.  Music. 
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Nat Goldhaber of Oakland, California
Current Most recently President and CEO of Cybergold, Inc., an Internet company that he sold in order to join the ticket.
Member of the Executive Board of the University of California at Berkeley.
Career Twenty years experience in the Silicon Valley:
Founding CEO of Kaleida Labs, a joint venture between IBM and Apple.
Founder of the company which developed TOPS, the first IBM/Macintosh local area network.
Special Assistant to Pennsylvania's Lieutenant Governor, William W. Scranton III; ran State Energy Agency as Interim Director.
Education Master's degree in Education.
Family Wife Marilyn and three boys.